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     强强联手探索中外艺术文化发展新机遇  Join hands in strength to pursue new opportunities for arts and cultural development in China and foreign countries  引言:CCF2021意大利“非凡时空”艺术文化节联合意大利对外贸易委员会,携手上海 INCITY

     强强联手 探索中外艺术文化发展新机遇

      Join hands in strength to pursue new opportunities for arts and cultural development in China and foreign countries

      引言:CCF2021意大利“非凡时空”艺术文化节联合意大利对外贸易委员会,携手上海 INCITY 印象城 MEGA,于 2021年3月在上海南翔印象城举办盛大启幕仪式。强强联合,探索中外艺术文化发展新机遇。意大利对外贸易委员会上海代表处副代表 裴卓丽,印力集团合伙人、副总裁兼上海公司总经理 姚海波,CCF非凡时空艺术文化节主办方 LOOXMOVILLE CEO兼合伙人 管桦,Campari中国区董事总经理 Enrico Mulas,阿尔法罗密欧公关总监 Joyce Jiang,Lavazza 亚洲区销售经理-Pietro Luigi Ghigo,Diadora亚太区销售总监Giuliano,Diadora中国区总经理Roland,KIKO中国区品牌总监宋春华出席了本次活动。

      Preface: The grand opening ceremony of Cross Cultural Festival 2021, in cooperation with Italian Trade Agency and Shanghai Incity MEGA, was held in Shanghai Nanxiang Incity in March 2021. They join hands in strength to pursue new opportunities for arts and cultural development in China and foreign countries. Micaela Soldini, Deputy Trade Commissioner of Shanghai Office, Italian Trade Agency, Yao Haibo, Partner, Vice President & General Manager of Shanghai Company, SCPG, Guan Hua, CEO & Partner of LOOXMOVILLE (Cross Cultural Festival), Enrico Mulas, Managing Director for China of Campari, Joyce Jiang, PR Director of Alfa Romeo, Pietro Luigi Ghigo, Sales Manager for Asia of Lavazza, Giuliano, Sales Director for Asia Pacific of Diadora, Roland, General Manager for China of Diadora, and Song Chunhua, Brand Director for China of KIKO attended the ceremony.


      汇聚中意顶尖艺术文化,CCF2021意大利 “非凡时空” 艺术文化节(CCF:CROSS CULTURAL FESTIVAL)于3月首站登陆中国上海,即刻掀起了一场甜蜜的意式旋风。CCF非凡时空作为全球绿色经济的参与者,通过多元化跨次元的全景整合,深耕中外艺术文化市场,打造全新的商业视角和沉浸式的消费体验。为品牌和消费者构建独特的,令人兴奋的和忠诚的消费关系。

      Gathering first-rate arts and culture elements of China and Italy, the Cross Cultural Festival 2021 (CCF) established its first station in Shanghai, China, in March, which is about to start a sweet Italian style. As a participant in global green economy, CCF has gained a deep insight into the arts and culture markets of China and foreign countries by fully integrating diversified and multi-dimensional scenarios, with a view to building a brand new business perspective and immersive consumption experience. It aims to build unique, exciting and loyal consumer relations between brands and consumers.


      凭借其国际化的资源平台和独具匠心的展现设计,CCF非凡时空内容涵盖包括艺术文化、历史、音乐、美食、科技教育在内的五大精彩版块,并通过展览、LAB(跨文化体验空间)、音乐艺术演出和TALK(对话)四种形式,携手超过35个国际组织、院校、机构及企业,联合超过25位中外艺术家、音乐家、作家、慈善家、基金及多位创作者,将在2021年打造线上线下超过100场精彩活动,为消费者带来原汁原味的精彩意大利生活体验。此次意大利 “非凡时空” 艺术文化节正式亮相,乃意大利对外贸易委员会、CCF非凡时空 LOOXMOVILLE,各大知名意大利品牌及上述机构、组织和个人共同合作的成果。

      On the basis of international resource platforms and original exhibition designs, CCF offers a range of contents covering five wonderful components including arts & culture, history, music, food and S&T and education, and establishes cooperation with more than 35 international organizations, universities, institutions and enterprises and with over 25 Chinese and foreign artists, musicians, writers, philanthropists, funds and composers in four forms including exhibition, LAB, music & arts performance and talk, which will launch more than 100 online and offline events in 2021 with an aim to provide original Italian lifestyle experience for consumers. The official launch of the CCF is the outcome of the joint cooperation among Italian Trade Agency, LOOXMOVILLE, a number of renowned Italian brands and the above institutions, organizations and individuals.


      Vivi La Vita!生活万岁!一站式微度假体验 意式生活零时差

      Vivi La Vita!One-stop micro holiday experience of original Italian lifestyle

      非凡之门已经开启,意式甜美人生的奇妙之旅正在进行。CCF2021意大利“非凡时空”艺术文化节首站启幕圆满礼成!Vivi La Vita!代表着“生活万岁”这一美好寓意,而此次最值得期待的当是诸多意大利百年优质品牌首次亮相上海南翔印象城MEGA,与消费者共享“意”国风情。

      The door to extraordinary experience is opened, allowing you to embark on the wonderful journey of sweet Italian lifestyle. The opening ceremony of the first station of Cross Cultural Festival 2021 is successfully completed! Vivi La Vita! means "salute to life". And the most anticipated element of the CCF is the first-time launch of a range of century-old quality Italian brands at the Shanghai Incity MEGA, enabling consumers to get a glimpse of Italian folk customs.


      LAVAZZA, a blending artist in coffee


    传奇百年意大利豪华进口汽车品牌ALFA ROMEO

      ALFA ROMEO, a century-old legendary Italian luxury imported car brand


    米兰时装周御用彩妆品牌KIKO MILANO

      KIKO MILANO, a designated cosmetics brand of Milan fashion week



      DIADORA, a treasure-level sports fashion brand in Italy



      CINZANO, creator of the first sparkling wine in Italy



      CAMPARI, producer of Italian-style red liqueur



      APEROL, popular cocktail choice for party time in Italy


      TOUR YOUR MEGA 一站式微度假,体验原汁原味的意大利生活方式,生活零距离,文化零边界,快乐零时差。

      TOUR YOUR MEGA one-stop micro holiday enables you to get a glimpse of original Italian lifestyle, allowing you to have direct access to foreign lifestyle, borderless culture and limitless happiness.

      纪念但丁逝世700周年系列艺术展——My Name is Dante

      Art exhibition series marking the 700th anniversary of Dante's death—My Name Is Dante


      Shakespeare and Dante represent the peak of Western literary circle, like Li Bai and Du Fu in the literacy circle of China. If Shakespeare demonstrated the width of human spiritual world, Dante allowed us to see the depth of the world. In 2021, the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri's death, people from all over the world paid respect to this pioneer of ideological emancipation in Renaissance Period in different ways. Dante is dubbed as the "father of modern Italian language". He created a large number of popular and influential works, among which the long narrative poem Divine Comedy is his most popular work. The spirit expressed in the Divine Comedy exerted deep influence on the literature of Italy and even the culture of the West in later generations. Eliot, Winner of Nobel Prize in Literature, summed up its influence thus: "the value of Dante's Divine Comedy is equal to the total value of all works of Shakespeare".


      "Every true history is contemporary history." Every history unrelated to reality is not true history, unless it transcends the time limit. In Cross Cultural Festival 2021, one of the highlights is commemorating the 700th anniversary of Dante's death with an innovative attempt to go beyond the time limit between historical classics and modern civilization, get rid of geographical and spatial limitations, and initiate a contest of cultural ideas among consumers in a brand new manner. A series of art exhibition and cultural activities marking the 700th anniversary of Dante's death were carried out to creatively guide consumers to touch and feel Dante's spiritual world. Letter symbols were changed into vivid and diverse images in memory of great people in history.

      CCF2021意大利非凡时空艺术文化节上海首站,特别邀请了意大利专家劳拉·帕斯奎尼博士与意大利艺术家劳丽娜·帕皮纳联合共创。劳丽娜被誉为意大利极具讽刺意味与真知灼见的前卫艺术家,擅以挪揄趣味方式,用诙谐独特的视角,解读另类人生。【My Name is Dante】“纪念但丁逝世700周年”艺术展将于4月在上海南翔印象城 MEGA 开幕。届时,将与观众一起遇见不一样的但丁,邂逅更多生活奇遇。

      Dr. Laura Pasquini, an Italian expert, and Laurina Paperina, an Italian artist, were specially invited to participate in establishing the first station of Cross Cultural Festival 2021. Laurina is extolled as an Italian progressive artist who has ironic and far-reaching insights and is good at interpreting life from different, humorous, and unique perspectives. [My Name is Dante], an art exhibition marking the 700th anniversary of Dante's death, will be started in Shanghai Incity MEGA in April. On the occasion, visitors will see a different Dante and have more adventures in life.

      除此之外,CCF非凡时空也邀请到了中国当代卓越艺术家庄颖带来作品《量山 Liáng Shan 》,从点和线出发,化繁为简,探索更多可能。在具体和抽象、自然与社会之间寻找内心的平衡。以及中国都市先锋艺术家Nini Sum,她带来的《INFERNO 地狱》&《Dark Forest 黑暗森林》将为你展示独特的现实主义与波普艺术跨越时代鸿沟,拉近人造与自然的界限,洞悉民间与商业社会融合共生的文化生命力。而新锐青年艺术代表陈为,则邀请你与我们一起撕破标签、重塑认知、释放自我。《标签时代 x 破签青年  Label Era》做有温度的艺术,寻有情怀的人生。走近新锐青年艺术代表潘欣玥的艺术世界——《新生 · 心声  New Love》打破传统边界,用一针一线叙述一颗真心。如丝线一般温柔也强大、脆弱但坚韧、细腻却热烈。还有新锐青年艺术代表曾繁如,她的《神曲飞扬 Wake Up》用真诚打造质感,唤起数据与纸媒、自然与人工的思考,让禁锢的思想穿越古今后在现世飞扬。

      Furthermore, CCF invited Zhuang Ying, an excellent Chinese contemporary artist, to start from points and lines, make things simple, explore more possibilities, and seek for an inner balance between the abstract and concrete and between the nature and society with her work Liáng Shan. CCF also invited Nini Sum, an avant-garde Chinese urban artist, to show unique realism and pop art across time and space, reduce the differences between artificial and natural things, and form insights into cultural vitality from co-existence of folks and business society with her works INFERNO and Dark Forest. Besides, Chen Wei, a new young artist representative, will invite you to tear off labels, rebuild knowledge structure, release yourselves, experience a warm artistic life, by virtue of the work Label Era. Visitors will also see an artistic world that is created by Pan Xinyue, an outstanding young artist representative, with her work New Love. Such an artistic world is beyond traditional boundary, shows genuineness in an all-round manner, and tells the softness, toughness, delicacy, and liveliness of silk threads. Additionally, Zeng Fanru, an outstanding young artist representative, will inspire thinking about data and paper media and nature and labor and release the imprisoned thoughts across time with her work Wake Up.

      作为全球绿色经济的参与者,CCF2021意大利非凡时空艺术文化节倡导可持续发展(Sustainability)——Green,创新无界(Innovation)——White,以及激情不灭(Passion)——Red。并将Green,White & Red作为本次活动的创意主原色。同时,提炼出【S.I.P作为本次多元文化交流活动的精神符号,【S.I.P不仅是项目核心理念的缩写,也隐含了小口品尝,慢慢体味的意义。CCF非凡时空,倡导在经济飞速发展的同时,我们也需适时的放慢脚步,走出互联网,走近生活,走近时光与人生,慢慢品味历史文化与艺术的价值,探索时间与空间的魅力。而对于品牌而言,CCF非凡时空也希望借助这一平台助力品牌跨域合作,与消费者一起探索国际品牌背后的故事,发现文化传承的经典,同时推动中意品牌的合作与交流,为国潮创新激起浪花。秉持着这份初心,CCF非凡时空,正式起航!我们将在不同国度之间搭建起一座文化交流、碰撞、融合的桥梁,将更多美好的生活灵感传递到消费者的心中,描绘出一幅关于实现美好生活愿景,激发生活奇思妙想的宝藏地图。

      As a participant in global green economy, the Cross Cultural Festival 2021 advocates Sustainability (Green), Innovation (White), and Passion (Red). Green, White & Red are main original colors in this event. Meanwhile, [S.I.P] is used as a spiritual symbol for this multicultural exchange event, because it is not only the abbreviation of core concept of the project but also implies a small attempt and a slow experience. CCF advocates rapid development of economy and also stresses that we should slow down, put Internet aside, experience time and life, appreciate valuable history, culture and art, and explore charming time and space. For brands, CCF expects to facilitate cross-border cooperation between brands, explore the stories behind international brands together with consumers, find cultural inheritance of classics, and promote cooperation and exchange between Chinese and Italian brands to start a round of Chinese brand innovation. CCF will stay true to the original aspiration and officially set sail! We will establish a bridge for cultural exchange, contest and integration between countries, communicate more beautiful life aspirations to consumers, and draw a treasure map for achieving a good life vision and simulating great ideas.

      “Vivi La Vita”,生活万岁!

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